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Our political campaign project include highly demanded digital campaign with full of videos production, digital promotion & image branding. We’ll be powered by genuine insight and driven by the best result possible.

Backed by our immensely talented team comprising political strategists, creative designers, social media experts and associates network spread across the country, our unique, targeted and original political campaign ideas can contribute towards the success of your political campaign.

Campaign strategy

Make your political reach in millions

Research & Analysis >> Planning & Direction >> Development & Production >> Execution >> Evaluation

Strategy Planning
Every successful campaign has its foundation in the strategic plan. Our team develops meticulous time tables with clear description of what is to be achieved and what strategic steps must be taken to help launch your company to heights far beyond the limits of competition.

Services for

  • Political Party
  • Political Candidate
  • Lok Sabha Election
  • Vidhan Sabha Election
  • Mayor Election

Services Including

  • Candidate Intro Video
  • Virtual Rally
  • Documentary Movie
  • Promotional Videos
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Web Portal
  • Video Manifesto
  • Mission & Activement intro
  • Image Branding
  • Content Creation
  • Graphics
  • Motion Graphics
  • Mockup

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Political campaign




“Anju Singh” political campaign

Stone Reflection thankful to Mr Abhimanyu Singh for this opportunity. Who is Abhimanyu Singh ? Well known face of “Palamu” as a social worker, Abhimanyu Singh helping the needy people of his area. Without being the part of governance he did lots of great work for poor people like, providing house, food, medical facilities &…